For over 30 years Hakuhodo and later Hakuhodo DY Media Partners have honed our Sei-katsu-sha Insight philosophy. Now, we are refining it further for our new mission:


Since the 1980s, the centerpiece of Hakuhodo’s philosophy has been Sei-katsu-sha insight. Sei-katsu-sha, which literally means “living person,” stands in contrast to the word Japanese marketers typically use for consumer, shohisha. “Sei-katsu-sha” expresses the holistic person—an individual with a lifestyle, aspirations and dreams. All the branding work we do in partnership with our clients follows from Sei-katsu-sha insight.

Inventing futures that will excite sei-katsu-sha together with our partners.

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Why invent?

Hakuhodo and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners have announced a new medium-term vision: 'Inventing the future with sei-katsu-sha.'

But why would an advertising company invent?

The main business of advertising companies until now has been communicating their clients’ products and services.

But times are changing. With access to digital networks and means of communication, New Sei-katsu-sha are masters of their own actions and communications. They are no New Sei-katsu-sha


New Sei-katsu-sha
Until now, the pursuit of richer lives has propelled companies to create superior products and services and powered economic growth. But in the Sei-katsu-sha Driven Society, communicating benefits of new products and services from the standpoint of clients is unlikely to bring Sei-katsu-sha happiness. When considering products and services, Sei-katsu-sha now go straight to the Net to read reviews and gather other relevant information. They then make their final decisions in a cool and calculated manner. One-sided products and services that ignore this psychology and behavior will be rejected without a second thought. What the economy needs today is co-creation with New Sei-katsu-sha. It needs the joint painting of exciting stories of the future.

longer passive recipients of information.

Since announcing our Sei-katsu-sha Insight philosophy in 1981, Hakuhodo and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners have walked side by side with sei-katsu-sha. As we usher in a new age, it is time to significantly shift our business. In addition to carrying out traditional advertising and communications, we will bring into being all kinds of new products, services, business and media that have never existed before—as inventors— inventors


Hakuhodo and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners are changing our very business model. In producing inventions beneficial to Sei-katsu-sha, companies and society, we are also producing a new proactive business model that goes beyond advertising and communication. By being useful to society, we too benefit. And we, in turn, return this benefit to society. Inventing, itself, invents our new business model.

and in this way become inventing companies. Our new vision is also a declaration of inventing companies


inventing companies
Hakuhodo and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners will invent many kinds of futures: Futures of food and health. Futures of homes and mobility. Futures of fun and excitement. Futures of rest and peace of mind. Futures of interpersonal connections. And futures of knowledge and learning. The fields that we work in are broad, encompassing the creation of new experiences and habits, creation of venues and mechanisms that allow Sei-katsu-sha to gather, and creation of communities and society.

transformation: In the Sei-katsu-sha Driven Society, we will push the envelope on new possibilities beyond the bounds of today’s advertising business, without fear of the risks.

Hence, invent.
We will further hone the Sei-katsu-sha Insight and Partnership philosophies that are Sei-katsu-sha Insight Partnership


Sei-katsu-sha Insight
Sei-katsu-sha Insight is the cornerstone of our thinking. Our process of invention begins with leaping right into the thick of Sei-katsu-sha and painting futures using completely new approaches. Sei-katsu-sha Insight is evolving from being a method of observing Sei-katsu-sha from various angles to discover latent needs, to being a method of painting more concrete futures. This evolution will enable us to capture the future ahead of the pack while continuously exceeding our clients’ orders and expectations.


Partnership is the cornerstone of our business. Inventing does not necessarily have to be done alone. We will invent futures hand in hand with Sei-katsu-sha, our clients, the media and many other players and partners. Partnership is evolving from being a stance—let’s make something together—to being a mechanism for the act of co-creation. It is the creation of new relationships, and the wellspring for ensuring the creation of continuous benefit for our clients and ourselves.

our DNA as we set about inventing new things one after another—in Japan and globally. This is the future we have mapped out for our companies. We are now readyglobal


Invention occurs across borders, on a global scale. In fact, it is perhaps emerging countries—those that are set to enjoy significant growth in the years to come—that are in most need of invention. In global business, inventing better futures can cross national, cultural and ethnic group boundaries. Our business is set to expand further globally, particularly in Asia. As it does, we will not see the world in terms of “regions” and “countries,” but as the real places where Sei-katsu-sha live. We will observe and listen to the real lives of Sei-katsu-sha to become inventors of better futures.

to 'Invent the future with sei-katsu-sha.'